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(英語圏はサイテー!The Anglosphere sucks!)
(rvv w:LTA:GRIMM - (会話) による ID:17154 の版を取り消し)
* "An empty bugbag will not stand upright."
===The Anglosphere sucks! (英語圏はサイテー!)===
Here, the English-speaking world to introduce the reason sucks.
U.S. and British common
Discrimination males ladies first mock the existence of customs.
Jury trial jury system was a model for the lay judge system in the United States and Britain for the opposition is the subject of resentment. The jury system of constitutional monarchy (rule we do not reign) and led two major English-speaking is a bad law.
The U.S. imperialists
It is arrogance ( "world police" are Buddhist). Almost the same as the old British Empire.
Vietnam War as a military superpower, and the war in Iraq, often repeated wars of aggression, a lot of people like the Holocaust and genocide. Many countries also set up U.S. military bases and military alliance unequal relationship, the U.S. military base in the wild.
Puerto Rico and Cuba, and tyranny in the occupied territories such as Okinawa, the atrocities. For those with an apology and compensation do not even decent.
The move away from the Kyoto Protocol and selfish behavior.
Under the guise of self-defense gun possession is legal because it is not South Africa, mainly in big cities have poor security.
And the mandatory draft registration for men, including multiple false charges of rape, succumbing to the Japanese are much Discrimination men.
And imperialism in the modern English home of a Christian fundamentalist.
British Emperor
Japanese colonial aristocracy was abolished in the system, such as the House of Lords remains outdated feudal system.
Noblesse oblige - the obligation to impose a particular class is a class discrimination. It apartheid!
Public schools - often challenged, and corporal punishment are also multiple school sucks.
Once colonial expanding around the world, many people in history have been slaughtered in spite of the former colonial countries for compensation and an apology did not go right. The brutality of the American imperialists in the above is passed. To be on the launch of the British Commonwealth, still deserve a flurry of former colonial countries. The English language is said to be the cause of pirates.
Second in the courtroom under the pretext of preventing rape, sexual crimes of the accused in criminal proceedings concerning the right to speak is limited. This is the spread of false charges. It falsely accused molester!
Said former White Australia policy, similar to the apartheid policy of racial discrimination had taken. The official policy now is to be abolished, and personal awareness in the midst of a deep-rooted racial discrimination, and riots have occurred. The Japanese imperialists recognize the fact that even in the AHO is a UYO.
South Africa
The former apartheid, "a crime against humanity" and was called up to take violent racist policies.
As the worst in the world vie for one or two bad security. In particular, such as Johannesburg and 80 people per day have been a victim of a murder. And other heinous crimes such as rape and robbery of the world's worst classes are often prone.
But at first glance this is a country in Africa, like other African countries have high rates of AIDS infection. In the case of South Africa and the extreme because of poor security in the rape of UTSUSA AIDS more often than not.
State-prone male rape is becoming a victim of rape (rape Armor), but more often than not, even though the men were victims of rape if the law is not treated as a crime, the perpetrators To escape with minor punishment, such as is the judiciary also sucks.
== 訳==
**[[ノブレス・オブリージュ]] - 特定の階級に義務を強いる階級差別である。まるで[[アパルトヘイト]]!
**[[パブリックスクール]] - 不自由なことが多く、体罰も多発しているサイテーな学校。