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Flag of BangladeshThis user comes from Bangladesh.

Wikidata mop.svgこの利用者はウィキデータ管理者です。(確認)
Wikidata property creator.svgThis user is a property creator on Wikidata. (verify)

Commons Rollbacker.svgThis user has rollback rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)
Commons Template editor.svgThis user has template editor rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)
Wikipedia page mover.svgThis user is a page mover on the English Wikipedia. (verify·CA)
Wikipedia New page reviewer.svgこの利用者はEnglish Wikipedianew page reviewer権限を持っています。 (verify)
Wikipedia Reviewer.svgこの利用者はEnglish Wikipediapending changes reviewer権限を持っています。 (verify)
Wikipedia Rollbacker.svgThis user is a rollbacker on the English Wikipedia. (verify·CA)
Meta-Wiki Patroller.svgこの利用者はMeta-Wiki巡回者です。 (確認)
EWOC Square badge.svg

This user has a page on the English Wikipedia.






Wikimedia logo family complete-2022.svgこの利用者グローバルアカウントを持っています。ZI Jony のメインアカウントはウィキペディア (English)にあります。
Wikimedia Bangladesh logo.svgThis user is involved in Wikimedia Bangladesh.
WikiProject Bangladesh bars.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject Bangladesh.

How to use icon.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Properties
Broom icon.svgこの利用者は小規模ウィキ監視チームのメンバーです。
TNThis user reads Tech News to be notified of upcoming technical changes.
Oxygen480-categories-hidef-preferences-system.svgThis user translates the weekly tech newsletter.
TAThis Tech Ambassador monitors changes that may affect Wikimedia Meta-Wiki.
CVU Academy.svgThis user is a Counter-Vandalism Unit Academy graduate.
Wikipedia Asian Month Logo.svgThis user is one of the organizers of Wikipedia Asian Month.
WLE Austria Logo.svgThis user is one of the organizers of Wiki Loves Earth
LUSITANA WLM 2011 d.svgThis user is one of the organizers of Wiki Loves Monuments